The Project to Connect Japan and the World through Fashion

People connect and disconnect, as if they are bound by invisible threads.
as if they are bound by invisible threads.
With that in mind, we named the brand ‘-結- MUSUBI’.


‘結-MUSUBI’ is a collaborative project where individuals from across Japan come together to design clothes for the renowned Milan Fashion Week, one of the world’s four major fashion shows. Our mission is to create inclusive clothing while prioritizing the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

From Japan to the world.

Through this project, our goal is to increase interest in Japanese culture worldwide as well as connecting Japan to the rest of the world. Our design uses the concept of connectivity, using circles to represent the people of earth and lines to represent the threads that connect us. 


To create our design, and fit our theme of inclusivity we reached out to various people to send us photos and ideas to incorporate in our clothing. We are truly grateful to all the individuals who helped contribute to our design. These photos will play a major role in the design of our clothing and we are excited to debut our results.

Jul to Aug2023
Jul to Aug2023

During July and August, our group will journey across Japan, organizing the "Clothing Creation Caravan" event. We will invite people to participate in our design process by painting and drawing what holds significance to them on our clothing designs. The valuable input from the people we encounter will be instrumental to the design we showcase at fashion week.

Sep 24 2023
Sep 24 2023

milan fashion week

Would you like to join the '-結-MUSUBI' project and connect with the world together?





May this endeavor become a movement in which everyone on Earth joins hands, respects and acknowledges one another, and builds a world of peace and harmony.



Beyond the connection with the person in front of you lies a vast network of people. We wish to keep in mind this expanding web of relationships while we create this project



Being involved in the -結-MUSUBI project feels like truly miraculous. Let’s share this magnificent and exciting experience of connecting Japan with the rest of the world!


Ai momoka

The first Japanese plus-size model. She founded the specialized plus-size model and talent agency ‘GLAPOCHA’ and also spearheaded her own plus-size fashion show ‘TOKYO GLAMOROUS POCCHARICOLLECTION’. Embracing the motto “Love yourself and be happy,” she advocates for body positivity and self-love.


Fuchu City, Hiroshima Toyonaka City, Osaka Izumisano City, Osaka Izumi City, Osaka


French Restaurant Le Cro Group Owner Chef

Isao Kuroiwa

I was truly delighted when Suzu and Mai told me about this project. It was at my restaurant in Paris where the two of them first met. This collaboration feels like a natural synergy. I firmly believe that with the passionate efforts of these two, this project will undoubtedly connect the feelings of many and bridge them to the world. I wholeheartedly support this wonderful project that only you two, with your vibrant and honest way of living, can achieve. Your energetic presence and commitment to living authentically always brightens the room.


Shopping mall


A remarkable new landmark, “ines FUKUYAMA,” seamlessly blends various facets of urban life on the historic site of the former textile building, which had silently watched over the station for nearly half a century.
This vibrant “town” encompasses a delightful fusion of living, socializing, connecting, indulging, and unwinding. Within its boundaries, you’ll find shopping clinics, office hotels, apartments, and parking facilities, all thoughtfully designed to introduce unparalleled sensibilities, joy, serenity, and excitement. As the spirit of ines FUKUYAMA permeates, a fresh cultural wave will unfurl, creating and sharing a novel chapter in the city’s history.

izumi yoshii


Izumi Yoshii

She handled still photography for promotional shoots. With a tenure at a photography studio established 84 years ago, she is a professional in capturing various situations and people through her lens. She will also be responsible for photographing the main members.

From babies’ first shrine visits, birthday celebrations, Shichi-Go-San (a traditional rite of passage in Japan), school admissions, graduations, coming-of-age ceremonies, weddings, anniversary milestones, to various commemorative photos, we take each shot with care and utilize the reliable techniques of Sakai’s time-honored store, ensuring that our customers are delighted with the results.


MEL English Representative / English Instructor


As a key figure in the -結-MUSUBI Project, she plays a vital role in facilitating Japan’s global connections through expert translation. Leveraging her diverse language skills, she communicates project details to a worldwide audience via platforms like websites and brochures, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the project’s core principles.


Athlete Total Producer

Shota Kikuchi

Mr. Kikuchi facilitated the -結-MUSUBI Project’s collaboration with the Izumisano City Caravan, empowering aspiring top-level athletes with optimal strategies for achieving rapid results.


Oya to Kurai Bu Network

Tomoyo Taniguchi

Mr. Taniguchi played a vital role in coordinating venue arrangements and providing crucial support for the -結-MUSUBI Project’s Izumisano City Caravan. Additionally, he actively engages in projects supporting mothers raising children, with the ultimate aim of fostering parent-child relationships where children express happiness for being born to their mothers. He is committed to eradicating incidents concerning minors and family-related issues, striving for safer and happier families.


Toyonaka Ai Chiropractic Clinic

Yasufumi Uchida

Mr. Uchida has played a crucial role in planning and supporting the -結-MUSUBI Project’s Toyonaka Caravan, and he will also be present during the event. He is widely recognized for his frequent appearances on various television and media platforms. Alongside his spouse, they were featured in AERA magazine. Utilizing the central toe switch technique, they empower individuals to attain an elegant posture, harmonizing from the feet to the face.


Deity of the Feet

Hattori Tenjin Shrine,

Guess what? After the Milano Collection, we will be holding a fashion show at the shrine! Can you believe it? This shrine, situated in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture, honors the “Deity of the Feet.” Emphasizing the significance of feet and showing empathy towards those with foot-related concerns, our mission is to nurture people’s aspirations and vitality, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being.



CPF Ueda

The Nagano Caravan offers extensive assistance for their endeavors, encompassing venue arrangements and media coverage. Situated in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, this Type A continuing employment support facility focuses on providing employment support for individuals with disabilities. Operating from the 1st floor of the Ueda Station Front Paleo Building, they are actively involved in diverse contracted tasks, primarily specializing in the production and sale of leather goods. You are welcome to visit their establishment.


Incredibly Delicious Takoyaki

Mycred Co., Ltd.

Mycred Co., Ltd.
They will be supporting the Toyonaka Caravan from planning to the event day.
For those living in the Kansai region, who doesn’t know them?
They are also the ones behind the famous takoyaki shop “Aho-ya”!!


Nagaoka-style Enzyme Brown Rice


The Toyonaka Caravan will offer comprehensive support, from the planning stage through to the event day!
Eating-based Fasting!
Koukodo’s Nagaoka-style enzyme brown rice is a gift of life, nurturing and cherishing life itself. They value domestic ingredients born from nature’s blessings, meticulously crafting each dish by hand with time and effort to create something truly special.


Let’s Satisfy Ourselves TENMAYA

Tenmaya Fukuyama Store

For the Fukuyama Caravan, we will be using Tenmaya Fukuyama Store as the venue. Established in 1829, this long-standing department store continually evolves to meet changing economic, scientific, cultural, and community demands.


Izumi Textile Industrial Cooperative Association

Izumi Textile Structural Improvement Industrial Association

The Izumi Textile Structural Improvement Industrial Association is an indispensable supporter of the Caravan, generously providing “Ponpon” Izumi cotton, enabling many children to enjoy the event.




Our talented photographer captures nostalgic and unique moments with a distinct feminine touch, showcasing a gentle and kind perspective.




They are also responsible for documenting the nationwide -結MUSUBI Paint Caravan through videography, infusing each video with love and care from a woman’s perspective.


“Kokorae!” Town

Ecora Mall Izumisano

A community-centered shopping mall representing Izumisano City! We are thrilled to hold the Caravan here!
With numerous shops available, you can enjoy not only the Paint Caravan but also shopping and more!


Sharp Focus Co.

Susumu Takeuchi

-We had a wonderful PV shoot for the  MUSUBI project! We had a great time shooting in front of Mr. Takeuchi, who has a relaxed and comfortable personality that allows any person to concentrate on being a subject, as well as an entertaining personality that makes the place enjoyable! In addition to portraits, Takeuchi also does commercial photography and drone photography!

陽気な焙煎士 亀田

Kameda Coffee Roasting Factory


They have provided tremendous support for the Toyonaka Caravan, from planning to operation!
We roast and serve specialty coffees from all over the world. The word “delicious” from our customers. We will sell coffee beans that make our customers smile.




He has worked with us to create the MUSUBI support gift and is always behind the scenes supporting MUSUBI to see how we can best give back to our supporters, make them feel at ease, and have fun!
His day job is producing crafunds and more! He has many amazing achievements!

Fashion Supporter

abstract painter

Western × Eastern

Drawing from Western abstract expressionism and Japanese avant-garde calligraphy, the artists have presented numerous fusion works with a unique philosophy, earning recognition both nationally and internationally, including exhibitions and live painting performances in Tokyo, Kyoto, the National Art Center Tokyo, Los Angeles, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

-Taijun Nagayama-

A Drop of Calligraphy

Born in Takashi City, Osaka Prefecture, they held a brush for the first time at the tender age of 4. At 22, they embraced a pen name and later, at 35, became a devoted disciple of Hiroaki Miyashita. It was then that they wholeheartedly pursued their path as a calligrapher. With unwavering dedication to the traditions of orthodox calligraphy, they also ventured into creating innovative and original works. Through the expressive medium of “sho,” they passionately showcase the inherent beauty of Japanese culture.

World of Fairy Tales
-Super Flower Association-

Astonish Those Who See It

Super Flower creates lasting, memorable, and impressive moments that will forever hold a special place in your heart. Adding a touch of glamour and vibrancy, these exquisite flowers are crafted from high-quality paper, boasting larger petals than real flowers, ensuring impactful decorations. Unlike real blooms, Super Flower remains fresh and vibrant without the need for water, making it easy to prepare in advance and versatile in placement. This remarkable item transcends wilting, making it suitable for any setting, ensuring your cherished memories bloom beautifully and timelessly.

Creating Clothes from Materials Returning to the Earth

-V&A Japan Co., Ltd.-

v&a japan

Leave Fabric Matters to Us

Since our establishment in 2010, V&A Japan has been at the forefront of shaping functionalities and performance demanded by ever-evolving fabrics, driven by the changing times and needs. Guided by our vision of “Bringing Japan’s Superior Technology and Quality to the World,” we persistently strive to challenge conventional boundaries and explore innovative ideas from a global perspective.

Traditional Japanese Embroidered Patches Craftsmanship
– Miyagawa Co., Ltd.-

We specialize in weaving, dyeing, shibori (tie-dyeing), and embroidery, creating a diverse range of products associated with kimono attire, such as kimono, obi (sashes), obiage (scarves), han-eri (collars), and obijime (sash cords). Operating under our distinctive brand “Kyoto Bebeya,” we not only offer a unique line of products but also provide planning and production services for

custom-designed items tailored to our clients’ specific needs. At Miyagawa, all our products are original creations, and we take pride in the fact that we do not offer any outsourced items. Our expertise and refined sensibilities, cultivated in the craftsmanship-rich city of Kyoto, enable us to propose exceptional and exquisite products to our esteemed customers.

Japanese Handcrafted Excellence by Skilled Artisans
– Spingle Company, Ltd.-
spinning company

Combining Exceptional Comfort and Innovative Design

As a renowned sneaker manufacturer, we are the driving force behind beloved brands like “Spingle Move,” “Spingle Neema,” and “Spingle Biz.” Our roots trace back to Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where we initially began as a rubber manufacturer. With an illustrious history spanning over 80 years, our in-house factory stands as a testament to true craftsmanship. Within its walls, skilled artisans blend their time-honored techniques with cutting-edge design, immersing themselves daily in the art of shoemaking.

Born from Discarded Linen

Clothing Created from Discarded Bed Sheets

SOUTHERLY is an innovative apparel brand, hailing from the picturesque destination of Okinawa, Japan. Our unique identity stems from the transformation of discarded linen found in resort hotels into fashion-forward garments. By repurposing these underutilized resources, we proudly stand as a leading sustainable brand, symbolizing Japan’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Selling Oshima Tsumugi Items

We are a specialized store located in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, dedicated to offering items made from the prestigious “Honba Oshima Tsumugi” – a nationally designated traditional craft of Japan. Our exclusive collection showcases the exquisite Oshima Tsumugi silk fabric, sourced from Ose Shoten. Our exquisite range features a diverse selection of items, including bags, wallets, business card holders, smartphone cases, and more – all meticulously crafted using the intricate Oshima Tsumugi technique. Our mission is to infuse the essence of Oshima Tsumugi silk into your everyday life, enabling you to experience its unparalleled beauty firsthand.